Sunday, January 13, 2013

Well I am still on track with my 75 days in Ink Sketching Challenge.

The fact that I don't have the fall back of being able to erase has made me look harder at what I am drawing, I am looking more at the shapes in the subject rather than the overall thing. I find myself looking at, the wren I sketched; triangle for the beak and that adjoining a semi-circle for the top of his little head..........I got lost with my adjoining shapes and disn't even realise till the end that the resulting drawing was not bad at all :)

It didn't register that I was doing what I had read a number of years ago, about Cezanne doing and teaching: “...treat nature by means of the cylinder, the sphere, the cone...”, Paul C├ęzanne.

I have started to actually practice this now without thinking about it because I don't have the liberty of just taking lines out any time I feel like it - its amazing what a simple ink exercise can do for you. I should have gone "lead free" yonks ago !!

Anyway here are some more of my ink sketches - and apologies some of the scanning was not so great:

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Joan T said...

I don't know why I haven't visited here in so long... Your direct in pen sketches are great. I did the challenge back a few months ago and my sister just finished doing it. I think working directly in ink makes you concentrate more on what you are doing because you know you can't erase. It is a good thing to keep practicing.