Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1960's Trade

I shall have to 'sketchercise' more............I figure that's what exercising my sketching muscles would be called. I have been doing some serious knitting for the local charity here for winter warmers, but as the warm weather is setting in I am slowing down a bit with that, so will 'sketchercise' more.

Here are a few of my ATC cards from a recent 1960's themed swap.

I am great Hitchcock fan (pity he didn't win an Oscar himself)

I loved copying this iconic image of Peter Fonda in the poster for 'Easy Rider'

Bewitched was one of my favourite shows in the '60s.

And who could forget the 1960's very funny and campy Batman!
("Holy nightlight Batman!" ......
"To the Batmobile Robin!")

I had a lot of fun trolling through movie and TV
references for this card trade.