Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas from Downunder

Sunday, December 16, 2012

OK I have been away from doing my art as much as I should and want to. I lost both of my old dogs since I last posted - that hit me hard. I have one little dog now - her name is JoJo - and surprise surprise.....she is a dachshund. She is a funny little thing - was quite nervy when she came to live with me [seems it is an inherited thing which is why she is with me and my sister elected not to breed with her]. She is a lot better now - mostly. I have had to finish work due to my continuing back issues and that I think added to my time away from doing the things I usually love - a little depressed - I can admit that now.

I am pulling out all stops to ensure that I plan my days to have time for computer stuff, artt and dog [not in that order of course] but if I plan for a certain time for things then I will force myself until they again become joyful parts of my life that I don't recriminate myself for not doing. Yep been on that cycle - don't do something ....berate myself for it ....feel guilty .........avoid it due to guilt .....ooops! downward spiral. ENOUGH! I can seem happy to the people that I chat with and crawl into my hidey hole and do nothing that is my joy. Well this is my wake-up notice to myself - I must post here at least once a week and by declaring what I will do I have nowhere to hide.

I have also started Brenda Swenson's 75 day ink sketching challenge, so I will be posting some of those pics too. Here is the start of a new me - I always reckon that that there is a lot of pressure with New Years resolutions so I am making mine now! Wish me luck.....