Friday, September 25, 2009

Bangles and Beads

Today I stopped in at a bead shop not too far from me ............well a half hour drive, but that's close really. They were having a free class on charm bracelets and all I had to do was pay for the beads and findings that I I stayed and took forever to pick a kit that I liked. I have never worn much jewelry before because as an RN you tend to have problems with disorientated patients attempting to rip out earrings, strangle you with necklaces etc etc etc. But now that I am no longer actively nursing, and not able to be called in at a moments notice to work, I am wearing different things. So here is the very first piece of jewelry I have made....

Don't you just love the summery colours!

And I think I will try some earrings soon...........will let you all know how that goes too.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dragons and dust storms

I spotted this Bearded Dragon the other day trying to blend in with the trees. I thought you might like to see him.

I took these today - we have a huge dust storm here - it was 11:30 am when I took them. The redness is the iron that we have in our soils in the interior - the red dust has been blown all the way from the deserts in central Australia.

Sydney was affected earlier than we were here in Queensland, and their airports were closed with flights redirected to Brisbane. You couldn't even see the Harbour Bridge - it is amazing when these things happen, just not looking forward to dusting ..............even though the house has been closed up it gets in everywhere!! Many people in Sydney apparantly woke up to the storms, thinking that the eerie red glow was bushfires, and it really feels like the hazy redness that you get with them.

These pics are of the trees at the front of my place and along the creek at the back - normally can see more trees beyond them.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Well I have been trying to figure out how I can reduce the furniture needed for my art 'stuff ' and how I can have a piece of furniture that could be out in the open in my lounge room or where visitors can easily see. At the moment I have a small wardrobe, a computer desk, books everywhere and a fold-up table all in one corner of the lounge. So I looked at some ideas and came up with this variation on a Victorian writing desk. I just have to decide on how to support the flip down lid for when I am drawing on it....I love the idea that I can close it and hide it all away!! Plus the large flat drawers on the bottom that will take a full sheet of W/C paper, so I can store new paper and finished images. Now I just have to work out when I can get it made, or if I will change the design yet again...............any ideas will be welcomed !

Am starting to do some flowers, not my strong suit, for a winter swap on Wet Canvas. It is coming into summer here, so I really don't feel like doing the cold stuff, besides it doesn't snow where I am in Queensland. In Australia we do have a large number of plants that flower in winter though, and here is a Brachyscome in coloured hoping tha ove the length of this swap my prowees with the flowers in CP will improve.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A link

I have been tip-toeing through the blogosphere looking at inspirational sites and found Linda Huber and her wonderful tutorials on portaiture - they are really terrific and I have recommended them to others so I thought I should mention her here. Please find her at this net address :

It was well worth my time waiting on dial-up for her tutorials to download, so those of you on fast internet services yourselves a favour and check them out.