Tuesday, January 1, 2013


May your hearts be full of love and laughter,
your days be full of sunshine
and your nights full of peace and contentment.

I have already said that I am not making New Years Resolutions, but I have decided to make lifestyle changes. I am not going to drop 6 dress sizes in a week or train for a marathon............I am going to slowly trick myself into some healthier lifestyle choices.
They say if you o something for a month it becomes a habit, so I am going to make small changes one at a time and if after that month its still a little bit of a struggle then I perservere for longer without ading a new change to stress me. The first should be easy : eat 5 srves of veg and 2 of fruit a day. The adde bonus to this should be that I have less room for rubbish.......but then again .........is that a Mars Bar I hear calling from the cupboard? LOL
I have been doing a lot of watercolour with my ink sketches and somehow started journaling with the pics too - anyway here a few from the first 17 days [today is day 17].


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"JeanneG" said...

I like that you are wanting candy too. I tried the vegetable fruit thing on Weight Watchers but didn't stick to it after the first year. Like your ink work.