Sunday, March 20, 2011

No pics today. I have had a health problem [temporary] that affected my eyes and no art or much else done. Its so annoying when you are limited in what you can do - not much time on the computer or watching TV.

Bored? Not really I had a friend at work tell me how she listens to "talking books" while she does other things and I thought I would try it while drawing and I had my first one from the library and couldn't draw or anything! So nice to listen to an English who-dunnit like a radio play [it was the one guy reading it though, but he put on the different voices] - it was great. So much so that I have another ready for me to pick up from the library.

I am working on a professional peer presentation for work and so I thought I would get a little something for myself to complete the new computer equipment.......I am now cordless! I have a wireless mouse and keyboard and its great - I can have the keyboard on my other desk, my lap almost anywhere! And it is so much easier to use the keys than on that the really old board that I had - sort of like going from an old manual typewriter to an electric [those old enough to remember will know what I mean].

Well that is about all for now except the old dogs are bugging me because they think on the days that I am home that dinner should be served when they want, not at the usual time! LOL!


Joan said...

Sorry to hear about your vision problem. Hope it is resolved quickly. The books on CD are great. I went to a painting workshop with my sister in South Carolina which was about a 12 hour trip. We brought along a book on CD for the ride down and back. It makes the ride easier.

Marmsk said...

I do hope your problems will be over soon and your vision restored to normal. Best wishes, Eileen